What You Need to Know Before Your Photography Shoot

I always get super nervous before new experiences. Like, I start thinking of all the ways the situation could go wrong, how stupid I will look when I mess up or don’t know what I’m doing, and I over-think how I will avoid those mistakes I just know I’ll make. I totally stress myself out. 

So if you are anything like me, your first (or even second) photo shoot might sound intimidating. 
Whether you need senior, engagement, or bride and groom portraits, it will help to know these three things:


1. You Don’t Have to be a Model. 

Tone down that criticism!
You are your worst critic, and there is no need to put yourself down. Everyone is beautiful in their own way! This can be hard when your expectation is to look perfect, or you don’t look the same way someone else does.
Several people may look at a photograph and agree that Betty looks absolutely beautiful. But Betty has found every imperfection she can on her own body and can’t see the same beauty in herself. Betty wants to look perfect.
Photographers can do lots of editing. We see it all the time in magazines. They shave off an extra bit of thigh, or totally rework and airbrush the face to create a “perfect” look.

But just so you know, I am not that kind of photographer. Sure, I’ll do some smoothing, and tweak a few minor things, but my intention is to capture your natural beauty.
And just to reiterate: I believe every person is beautiful and unique! You don’t have to look or act perfect to have a beautiful photo.

2. Don’t Be Nervous (Easier Said Than Done, Huh?)

Everyone comes into their first shoot not knowing exactly what to expect, and most people start out really nervous. But without fail, about 15 mins into their session they start to relax. I can’t pinpoint exactly why they start to relax, but I can pinpoint when because it’s usually pretty noticeable!

These are probably the reasons why:
- They get comfortable with their surroundings, and with the photographer.
- They start thinking “Hey! This isn’t that hard!” 
- They start to discover their natural groove.
- They start to have fun and feel confident in themselves.
It doesn’t matter that you don’t know how to pose, or where to put your awkward arms. The photographer will help and encourage you along the way, and capture some great photographs!

3. Have fun! 

If you are smiling and happy the shoot will be more fun! It will also be more fun for the photographer, and you will both leave on a positive note. And in the end, you will be happy with your final photographs.
The goal is to capture you having fun, and being yourself!
And for couples: Don’t mind me getting excited when you kiss and I ooze over how romantic and loving you are ;)

These tips might seem obvious to some, but so many people need the reassurance (I’m one of those people!) And I hope I’ve instilled some confidence in those who are nervous about planning a photo shoot. 

- Have confidence: You. Are. Beautiful (men too!)
- Shake away the nerves: You don’t do this for a living! It’s okay to not know what you are doing.
- Have fun: Duh! :)