How I Started Loving Photography


I am a photography lover, an outdoor fanatic, a people-pleaser, and an enthusiast of the small things (I get really excited over minor things)! 

So that’s a quick insight into who I am.


Here’s How I Started in Photography:

I've always been attached to some sort of soul-capturing device, whether it was a camera or video camera. I was not seen without something of that sort, and everyone knew I was the one to go to for a picture (cell phones weren’t as high tech and popular as they are today, plus the camera’s on them were terrible quality.)

Carlye, my best friend growing up (and totally my adopted sister), can attest to my obsession. I was always down to create a movie, or take a thousand pictures of her/us in under 20 minutes. In elementary school I would make my friends dress up and model for a photo whenever they came over. Sorry old friends... And today I use my real sister, Jessie as a practice model. What a trooper!

When I was in third grade, I entered photography in 4-H. Those photos consisted of all my beanie babies in different situations, indoors and out. I thought it was awesome!

I wish I could recall the number of cameras I went through from age 8 to now, but I can’t remember them all. And also, who remembers stuff from when they were 8? 

Anyhow, there were many different types of cameras and lots of accidents. 

One I really liked in particular was advertised as “tough” and had an impressive shiny metal casing. It fell out of my pocket as I was getting in the car, and after expressing complete despair to Carlye’s parents because I thought I had lost it, we found it smashed to pieces on the pavement. Carlye’s dad backed over it on accident, and I was crushed to the point of tears.

“Tough” my ass… 

The next one I got was a “waterproof” device that pooped out in the middle of a pool party. I dropped one (or two) and broke the screens, and in middle school one got so wrapped up in melted gum from the inside of my purse that it just stopped working. And the list goes on.

My parents weren’t very happy with how fast my adolescent self was going through cameras. They told me I needed to take better care of my stuff, which made me feel like they were threatening to stop replacing my favorite toy. My pleading response was, “I LITERALLY use it all day every day, so it’s bound to break. Nothing lasts forever!” …Or something along those lines. I was a teenager, so who knows what smart-ass comment I actually came up with.

However, that reasoning must have worked because I got a new point-and-shoot for essentially every birthday. 

It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college I asked for, and got a DSLR from my loving parents. And that is when I started to think about the possibility of taking photos semi-professionally.

A lot of people think you can take great photos if you have a big, expensive camera. That’s not really the case, although it can help! It takes a good eye, patience, knowledge of light and framing, and practice. I’ve had lots of practice, but there is always more to learn and I’ve learned so much in just the past few months.

In college, I took digital photography classes as well as film photography (which was the best class ever) and quickly realized how little I knew, and how far from being a “photographer” I was. Even though I had that fancy camera.

But since then, I have shot two weddings, two engagement sessions, a family portrait session and senior photos for three different graduates. I loved every minute of it, and learned so much from it.


[Quick shout out: A lot of friends and family members have contributed to the support of my photography and really are the ones who have helped me out the most in building my portfolio. So thanks, guys!]


Over the years I’ve built this relationship with my Sony A200, and the photographs I've produced with it. I get so excited during and after the shoot that I just can’t contain myself! I can’t live without that feeling of doing what I love, which is why I am so pumped for that next session, that next wedding or senior portrait. When I see something through my lens that is beautiful and just works, I explode with happiness!

Life is too short to miss out on doing the things that make you happy. Which is why I decided to kick my hobby up a notch

Whether my little business does well or not, I will always love how photos make me feel, and the memories they capture. I formed a love a long time ago, and there’s no way I’ll ever abandon it!