Nikki and Albert

I happily shot Nikki and Albert’s engagement photos a few weekends ago. Let me tell you, the weirdly warm February we are having this year is making for some great photo time!

I met Nikki about a month  ago as she was inquiring about a photographer for her wedding. We had a great discussion, and she decided to book me for her special day in June. And of course, like all newly engaged couples, she was also interested in engagement photos. Since this winter is turning out to be more like spring, she decided now was a good time to do them.

We picked a lovely park in Indianapolis, (one of my favorite spots) where I previously took photos for Josh and Sarah. However, unlike that previous photo session, the park on this particular Sunday was very crowded. Due to the great weather, no doubt. 

What a sunny day! It was almost hard to find shaded areas to keep the sun out of Nikki and Albert’s eyes. But we had an hour to laugh, shoot, and walk around the park scouting for picture-perfect photo ops.

Nikki and Albert were a pleasure to photograph, as they are very sweet and put up with my excessive use of the word “cute”. I should have had them count how many times I said it, because If I had a dime…. Lol, you know that saying. I would have been rich! 

They did a great job despite the massive amounts of people around, the bright sun coming through tree branches, and not knowing what to expect. I enjoyed watching Albert become more comfortable the further we got into the session, and Nikki’s big smile was (and is) contagious.

I am excited to photograph their wedding in June, and am happy to share a couple of favorites from their [CUTE] engagement shoot! :)