Josh and Sarah: An Exciting Reveal

On a warm February weekend, I had the pleasure of doing a Valentine’s Day mini session with Josh and Sarah. I couldn’t wait to capture all the hearts and love these two share during this season of ooey gooey romance.

I was so excited when Sarah told me she has a surprise planned for the shoot. I was on board immediately (I love surprises) and couldn’t wait to find out what she had in mind.

A week before the shoot, she revealed to me that her and Josh were pregnant with their first child! She wanted to use the mini session as an opportunity to capture and reveal that they were expecting.

We met at a quiet park in Indianapolis that had evergreens, playgrounds, and lots of shaded areas. The clouds and sun were switching back and forth frequently throughout the session, and there was a chilly wind that kept making our eyes water. But that weather in the middle of February was unseasonably warm, so we weren't complaining!

We started with some cute Valentine’s Day themed photos with heart props and kisses. Then we broke out the onesie! I got to be a witness, a little fly on the wall (my favorite place to be), looking in at this special moment in their lives.

They were so easy to photograph because they were laughing, looking at each other, and being themselves. I could tell they were genuinely happy to be together.

I had a wonderful time snapping these photos for their new life chapter, and I wish their little family all the luck and happiness in the world! 

Congratulations Sarah and Josh!