12 Favorite Photographs of 2017

Wow. 2017 is almost over, winter is here, and the holiday spirit is still alive!

As I wind down and start thinking of 2018, I reflect on this past year. One of the goals I set for myself in 2017 was to open, maintain, and run a photography business. And though I’ve had some ups and downs, as all entrepreneurs do, I'm proud to say it has been an overall success!

I look back on the photographs I’ve taken and the people I’ve worked with, and feel so blessed to be able to do what I love for a living!

To end this wonderful year of 2017, I want to share my top 12 favorite photographs… In no particular order, because it was hard enough choosing just 12.

1. While taking family photos, this pre teen wasn’t feeling the posing and the smiling. But when a small butterfly landed on his shoulder and decided it was going to stay there for a good long rest, it made him smile, and we were all amused. Brady the butterfly whisperer. (Or maybe it was a moth?? Either way, it was attracted to him!)

2. Family photos are fun, especially when the baby is a giggle machine when he’s turned upside down!  This sweet boy was unsure of the session and the camera, but mom and dad knew how to get him to smile! 


3. The sweetest county wedding I’ve ever attended. The scenery was beautiful and I captured so many photos that made me go "EEEE!" It was hard to pick one from this day, but this photo captures an outsiders glimpse of the country romance these two had. 

4. This mommy son photo is just too adorable to not be on this list. Two year old Holden was a handful, as all two year olds can be, and when mom scooped him up from a running escapade I caught a special, fun moment between them.

5. If you follow anything I do on Facebook or Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen me advertise this photo like crazy. It’s just a gorgeous picture of Mr. and Mrs. Darling!  

6. This is another favorite from the Darling Wedding. Normally I drool over the beautiful bride, and Julie was and IS a gorgeous women, but I am just so in love with these boys, their suits, the setting, the lighting, and the composition of this photo. What a classy looking bunch of men!

7. Taking a really great head-on photo of a person/persons is a satisfying feeling. But what gives me that “AH! O my gosh, I love it, and I can’t even handle it” feeling is when I capture candid, unplanned, special moments that I know my client is going to love and appreciate as much as I do. This prayer circle surrounding the bride was a special moment for the bride, and even though it feels irreverent at times to step in and click the shutter button, I was later thanked for capturing the moment.

8. This was one of my first photo sessions after officially opening business in 2017. This couple was so excited to announce their pregnancy, and I was happy to be the one to capture how much they treasured the beginning of this brand new chapter in their lives.

9. I love little zoomed in details of objects. A much as I like photographing a face, objects give you the opportunity to experiment and create a specific environment while having all the time in the world to do it!

10. This was just a sweet and intimate moment between the soon-to-be Mrs. and her moms/maids. The setting was lovely, and their expressions were true. I know this feeling of admiration from my own wedding day, and it makes you feel like a superstar!

11. It’s not hard to notice when two people are so in love with each other. The Anos were a pleasure to photograph, and as with many weddings, I had a hard time picking one photo to showcase the entire day. Although I have pushed and advertised other photos of these two, I chose this picture because it was one of those candid, true togetherness moments. 

12. There was no way I couldn’t include a photo representing one of the biggest events in my life thus far. I married my favorite person in September of this year, and we took an amazing honeymoon to Kauai, Hawaii. This photo captures all my favorite things: My best friend, the outdoors, and the feeling of awe when you gaze out into the vastness of what God has created. Oh, my heart!

This is the perfect photo to end on, as I look out into the vast possibilities of 2018 and what it has to offer: Another year to grow, another year to learn, and another year of adventure. 

So there you have it. I had a bit of trouble picking just twelve, but I hope this is a problem I continue to face in the coming year!

Thank you everyone for your support, your love, your friendship, and your business.
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!